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Couples Therapy

Imagine tapping in to the feeling you had when you first fell in love. Now imagine that excitement and thrill grounded in the security of deep commitment. Falling in love is easy. Staying in love is difficult. Learn how to eliminate negativity and deepen the pleasure between you. Most couples experience a profound shift in the first session. It is a practice that improves with practice and in a short time you will have the skill to turn conflict into passionate connection.

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Individual Therapy

We believe that all of our problems stem from and can be healed in relationship.  We work with the complete range of issues, from anxiety, depression, addictions, as well as grieving the end a relationship and co-creating a strategy for finding new love.  Investigating your imago profile will quickly help you know what to look for and what to avoid in a new partner. Discover the hidden pattern and purpose behind your romantic attractions.

Imago Case Consultation

Imago consultation is a model of clinical supervision grounded in Imago theory and practice. It is intended to guide newly minted Imago therapists through the early stages of competency and offer seasoned Imago therapists the support needed to carry on the challenge of helping couples grow and heal. Our work is informed by our own characterlogical journey, and just as we develop greater proficiency within the Imago toolset, we also recognize that our own adaptations guide much of our clinical decision making, and that by observing our work in a new way we are able to transcend our self-limiting styles and find real-time solutions within us.


OYoga classes are specifically designed to empower women as sexual beings. Drawing upon many ancient healing practices this course supports women in loving themselves and their bodies. This is a multifaceted program that includes yoga, singing, meditation and dance. Women will look and feel younger, happier, healthier and more confident. On-going private and semi-private sessions are available. Contact Thea for more information.


Tantra is a powerful method for you and your partner to intimately connect. Increase your love making vocabulary and sensory experience. Whether you are working through a sexual or relationship issue or you want to increase your pleasure as a single individual, Tantra offers a rich pathway of discovery. Tantra is a form of meditation that improves circulation, concentration and leads to ecstasy. Private, clothed sessions teach powerful, erotic energizing techniques. Contact Duane or Thea for more information. 


Couple Intensives are the perfect format for couples from out of town, or who travel frequently and are unable to schedule sessions regularly.  Intensives are also a great way to fast-track repair and connection. This customized process is comprehensive and deep as well as effective and  fun. Contact Duane or Thea for more information.  


Conscious Coupling taught by Thea Harvey
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Empowering women with the knowledge and skills it takes to create a secure and passionate relationship.

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